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 KLJ Hair Extensions
Becomes Limit.less hair co

Smooth, glossy, beautiful, long, healthy hair...when's the last time anyone gave your hair a compliment? Is it time yours had some serious attention?


Strong, vibrant extensions you can wash, dry, brush, dye and style…it’s not much to ask is it! The good news is beautiful hair isn’t just for celebrities with fabulous hairdressers!


At Limit.less hair co, we specialise in stunning hair extensions, and offer great quality with an affordable service - since every girl deserves fabulous hair! On our website you’ll discover helpful info on the different methods of extensions we offer, and we can give advice on the best one for your hair. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume and/or colour to you own hair, the extensions can be used in lots of different ways to give you a gorgeous new look.





Pre Bonds Glasgow

The incredible thing is you can have stunning, long, silky hair within a few hours…no more waiting impatiently for years for the same effect! Your hair can be everything you want it to be, and all you need to do is sit back and relax.


And of course, no one wants hair extensions that look like extensions.  That's why we also offer a complimentary consultation, with a colour match service, and a friendly chat to make sure you end up with results you love!


Vitality and glossy locks can be yours, and you don’t even need a fairy godmother. Although if you do have a ball to go to, then book your appointment soon, before the diary gets too busy!


Love your hair like never before, and by following our professional advice, the extensions can last for months and months. They can also be reused, which means when you come back for a refit in three months, you can keep your look for a much smaller price.


Karyn is one of the most sought after hair extensionists in Glasgow and surrounding areas. With years of hair care experience behind her, she has built a loyal customer base who trust her with their locks. Using her knowledge of natural hair care, she then developed her skills in extensions and has worked with many brands over the years. Karyn only works with the best, and researched the finest hair extensions from around the world. She now offers a range of great quality extensions, so not only do they look and feel gorgeous, but with her expert advice will last far longer. So you can feel fabulous, while saving money and time!

So you get to wake up every morning with fab long hair, and no need to fuss with the time and hassle of clip-ins. All you need to do is decide if it's hair up or hair down kind of day!


Come and relax at Limit.less hair co where we can discuss your hair and get it looking gorgeous within a few hours. Enjoy a personal service, while enjoying a refreshment and read through the selection of magazines. 



Do you suffer from hair envy? This Is Your Fast Track To Fabulous! Let’s chat!


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