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Brazillian Blowdrys 



Are you asking the following questions,

How can i stop my hair being frizzy ?

How can i let my hair dry naturally without going frizzy ?

Whats the best products for frizzy hair ?

Why is my hair so frizzy all the time ?

What will make my hair glossy and smooth ?

I hear ya from one frizzy mane sister to another and i'm happy to tell you i have found the answer, after millions of lotions and potions the one thing that i have found that works is a Brazilian Blow dry. You can start to venture out on the raining days and your hair still looks great.

So What is the Brazilian blow dry ?

A Brazilian blow dry is a keratin treatment which is absorbed through the hair shaft leaving a film coating around the hair shaft it helps to protect against damage and dryness, which helps to condition and smooth out your hair say goodbye to nasty frizzy locks and enjoy shiny healthy glossy locks.

Lets walk you threw the treatment process:

-First off all your hair will shampooed with a cleansing shampoo to remove any product build up this also opens your hair cuticle to allow the treatment to penetrate.
-We will then apply the treatment to your hair pushing this into the cuticle this will give your hair condition and shine.
-The kertain is then dried into the hair once the hair is 90% dry the hair will then be straighted

the straighteners are used to seal in the treatment.
-Your hair will then be washed again and finally dried.

There's no waiting 3 days to wash your hair you can then wash it whenever you want.

If you have course, frizzy, damaged dull hair that takes ages to style this treatment will save you time and you'll wonder why you haven't had it done sooner. So what are you waiting for get booked in now!