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We love compliments, don’t you! So now you’re receiving lots of comments on your gorgeous hair, why not take a moment to leave us a review! You can do this on any of our social media channels, or pop it in an email! We’d love you to join our KLJ Wall of Fame #WallOfFame over on Instagram too x

I have been really pleased with the results from KLJ Hair Extensions, It's always a pleasure coming in. The fit is great and you make sure it's all perfect as you go along. You offered choice and explained the differences between the different methods before my first fitting which helped as I didn't really know what was best for my hair. 


You're extremely friendly and easy to get on with so it's not a hassle coming in and getting refits etc. I like how I can be confident that my hair is healthy and is being maintained to ensure that there is no damage to it. 


I wouldn't have any recommendations to make the service better as I feel like your service is great. I know I am getting good quality fittings and that if there happen to be any problems, you will sort it for me. 


I would recommend KLJ based on the fact that you are aware of how to ensure that my own hair is not damaged in any way. I would also recommend based on the quality of the fittings, I have found that the hold extremely well compared to other places I have been. I think you offer a great service for a great price! 


Hannah Waugh.





KLJ Hair Extensions are by far the best that I've ever had. They match my hair perfectly and nobody knows that I have extensions in until I tell them. The tapes are really comfortable, I was worried for the first two days due to them being a bit tender but that eaised off after the 2nd day. When I had them out for a few days before they were refitted my hair was exactly as thick as it had been before so they obviously didn't cause any hair loss at all, if anything it looks slightly thicker. I could not be happier with my extensions they are amazing! I've had compliments from total strangers when I curled the extensions with a waterfall braid and I don't think I've ever been complimented on my hair as much in my life! Karyn is so lovely as well and the home salon is really nice. 10/10. 


Anya fitzpatrick

Hi Karen just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my extension which have lasted 4 months now. They are obviously good quality and a lot more reasonably priced than other salons.  I like the personal touch by having your salon in the house. You have given me some good advice and I have managed to style them without too much difficulty. I think I shall start coming to you to get my colour done as well. I have also mentioned you to some others. Good luck xxx


Jennifer Lamount

• After your service were you pleased with the results?

I couldn't be happier. The colour match was exact, which can be tricky with blondes!

The hair Karyn chose for me was great quality and I managed to achieve the length and thickness I've always wanted.

It is very easy to style and maintain and thanks to her reasonable pricing I know I can afford to go back again and again.


• What did you love about KLJ?

The friendly service. Sitting for 4 hours getting extensions could have been very dull, or awkward with a person one on one.

Karyn makes you feel at ease immediately and she was great company.

It is evident she knows her stuff and she's passionate about what she does.

There was also a real personal approach. She took into consideration that I was going abroad for several weeks, placing the bonds so that I could tie my hair back easily and she was happy to give me a trim free of charge a couple of months later when I was returning to work and wanted a bit of length off.


• Would you recommend us, and why? 

Yes, I've already recommended KLJ to a few friends who are going to book in for appointments shortly.

I've had so many comments from people who have also tried extensions in the past. 

They've all said that mine look really natural and appear to be miles better than anything they've had done themselves or seen previously, this includes some extensions from top salons.

I myself have had bad experiences with extensions in the past, but not this time. 

I can't believe how long they've lasted. It's been 3 months now and they still look great. 

My own hair also appears to have stayed in great condition with no damage!

On top of the amazing quality, Karyn's prices are very reasonable. You would normally have to pay over the odds for such quality but with KLJ I felt I got the best of both worlds which definitely makes it easier to return again and again.


Ailsa Milligan