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All about Weaves

Went for the chop now regretting it ?


let me tell me about more about weaves so you understand how they work.

Weaves have been about for years although over the last 10 years have really become a popular hair extension method, with instantly adding length and volume in as little as an hour.

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Micro Weaves

Micro weaves add instant length and volume, the weft is applied flat to head and then a section of your hair from above and below the weft are taken and secured in a micro ring to hold the hair in position.

Refits are generally around 6-8 weeks.

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braided weaves
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La Weaves

La Weaves are perfect for thoses with fine hair.

how it works

micro rings are aligned in rows to create a base for the weave to be sewn onto, if offers greater flexibilty and lies flat against the head. Great for all hair types

Refits are generally around 8-10 weeks

micro weave

Braided Weaves

Hair is braided into different sections and then your weft hair is sewing in to add length and volume.


You can do everything you would with your own hair and its easy to style.


refits are generally 8-10weeks